Thursday, 20 November 2014

Solicitors Can Help with Maintenance Payments

When a marriage ends, one of the issues that may arise is the maintenance payments one party has to pay to the spouse who may not have an income. Obviously, these payments can be a financial burden to the provider, so their end is always a welcome event.

There are several things you have to know about maintenance payments. First, it is granted by the more financially stable party to the one with the lower (or no) income. Furthermore, there has to be a good reason why these have to be paid out; for example, the ex-spouse is only about to retrain or reenter the workforce, and needs the maintenance payments during the process.

Maintenance payments differ somewhat, however, when it comes to the length of period they have to be paid. There is what’s called the “joint lives” basis, wherein payouts will continue until either of the ex-partners passes away, or when the receiver remarries. The agreement can also be non-extendable, in which the payments will only last for a set amount of time.

Those who might have any questions about maintenance payments following divorce can approach established family law firms in London for more information, so that they can understand the options available to them.

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