Monday, 10 November 2014

Aussies May Get a Free Pass on their UK Visas Soon

A recent proposal by London Mayor Boris Johnson can give the chance for Australians to come to the UK without needing visas. This was done partly in response to a significant dip of 35% in Australian immigration, from 1999 to 2011. The "bilateral mobility zone" agreement being proposed will be established between the two countries, which will be patterned closely after Australia and New Zealand’s trans-Tasman agreement. Aussies can then travel, work, and live in the UK with little trouble, though they will not be able to access welfare benefits immediately.

While almost 75% of the country’s population wants to “clamp down” on immigration, a study conducted by the University College London revealed that recent immigrants actually provide a ”make net contribution” to the country. Those coming from the European Economic Area (EEA is defined as European Union member countries plus Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) contributed 34% more in taxes compared to the state benefits they received, while those from non-EEA territories contributed only 2% more.

Of course, there’s no saying when or if this proposal will become a reality. As such, Aussies looking to call Britain home would still need the services of immigration solicitors in London, like Sonia Dass of Powell of Powell Spencer & Partners.

Immigration law is a complicated matter that involves a lot of paperwork and fees, even when borders finally relax. Thus, having an experienced London immigration lawyer on one’s side will certainly make the process considerably easier.

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