Friday, 10 October 2014

How Solicitors Can Help Appeal Against Deportation

Whether for work, educational, or asylum purposes, the United Kingdom draws hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year. However, relocating to this great country the legal way is no easy task. To lawfully reside in England, one must be authorised by the Home Office first or else face deportation. In fact, even children whose parents have already been granted British citizenship can still be deported.

Take the case of Calvin Warring, a commoner who lived in England for eight years and was originally from South Africa. Warring was issued with a removal order by the court due to immigration issues. His family had already spent £5,000 in legal fees to keep the 30-year-old father within the country. His two previous applications for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) were rejected, and he also lost the subsequent appeals.

Professional lawyers say that while fraud, previous criminal history, and failure to cooperate are all valid grounds for deportation, the above mentioned case demonstrates that the reasons for expulsion are not always clear-cut. To boost their chances of ILR approval, migrants in the U.K. would do well to work with competent immigration solicitors.

The need for immigration lawyers is further highlighted by the time frame prospective deportees have to appeal their case. For instance, if you happen to be outside of U.K. at the time you receive the refusal letter, you only have 28 days to file an appeal. If you’re in the country, you’ve got an even narrower window of about 10 days.

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